300 North 300 East
Washington, Utah 84780
T: 435.673.3012
F: 435.634.5748

About Us

“About Us” Washington Elementary is a Preschool – 5th grade school located in the heart of Washington, Utah. We are designated as a Title One school and receive extra funding to help close the gap between students who come from financially struggling homes and those who don’t. With that extra funding we have lowered class sizes considerably, and added extra programs such as:

 Reading Recovery (for students in 1st grade who struggle with reading),

 OEK (Optional Extended day Kindergarten for academically disadvantaged Kindergartners),

 “Success Maker” computer program for all students grades 3rd – 5th

 LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) for students in Kindergarten through 3rd and some 4th and 5th graders who are struggling with reading and comprehension.

 Pre-school for qualifying 4 year olds.

 Extra computer lab and computers on wheels (and other technology in classrooms.


Washington Elementary is also a “No Excuses University”school which means the staff and administration has the philosophy that the adults will use no excuses for our students not progressing and succeeding in school. We support the beliefs of the founder of “No Excuses”, Damen Lopez, who stresses the following:

 Every student will be proficient or advanced in reading, writing, and math.

 The academic accomplishment of every student is an obsession.

 The school can neutralize many challenges students bring to the classroom.

 Student achievement is the number one topic of conversation.

 A maverick spirit is leading the way by fighting the status quo and displaying an entrepreneurial drive.

 There are no excuses for poor effort. As you can see, academics are important to us at Washington Elementary. We meet as teacher teams in weekly PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) to discuss the progress of each student in a grade level. We plan common assessments to see if our students have learned the concepts taught. If not, we plan and carry out interventions to help the struggling students. We also plan for those who did pass and are advanced in their learning. We also meet every 6 weeks or so to analyze data and determine which students need more interventions/accommodations to better meet their learning needs. We care about every student and want them to exit our school being prepared not only for 6th grade, but for high school, college, and beyond.