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November 25 – Newsletter

Washington Elementary
November 25, 2014
Nov. 26 – 28th: No School Tomorrow Wed. Thurs. and Fri. Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 1st: Half Day next Monday … School’s out at 1:15
Dec. 5th: 2:00 p.m. Community Council
Dec. 22nd – Jan. 2nd: Christmas Break … NO SCHOOL
Jan. 5th: School is back in session 
Note from the Principal
I hope parent conferences were helpful to you all. The teachers really enjoy this
time to look at progress with you and plan for the rest of the year. Your child’s
learning and success is what we’re all about and this conference time is the perfect
opportunity for all to gather round and set a plan that will best meet the needs of
each individual student. If you did not get a chance to meet with your child’s teacher, I
encourage you to make arrangements as soon as possible to see him/her.
Thank you all for being patient with one another during the morning drop off and the
afternoon pick up. Please remember that we have parking reserved for you in our north
parking lot if you need to talk or come into the office. If you could pull as far forward as you
can before dropping off your child in the morning; that would really help the flow of traffic as
most are in a hurry. You’re welcome to drop off or pick up next to the field south of the
school, just please don’t ask your child to walk through the parking lot without you walking by
him/her. It’s sometimes hard to see a child when backing out of a parking place, so for their
safety we ask that they be dropped off or picked up next to the sidewalk.
Remember: No School the rest of this week (Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday) and Monday will be a short day, with school
dismissing at 1:15.


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