Erin Fisher : Science Teacher

Erin Fisher | Science Teacher

My Email: erin.fisher@washk12.org

Stacy Martin : Art Teacher

Stacy Martin | Art Teacher

My Email: stacy.martin@washk12.org

Garrett Porter : Speech

Garrett Porter | Speech

My Email: garrett.porter@washk12.org

Dave Stender : P.E. Teacher

Dave Stender | P.E. Teacher

My Email: david.stender@washk12.org

Kersten Rohde : Speech Therapist

Kersten Rohde | Speech Therapist

My Email: kersten.rohde@washk12.org

Karen Stallard : Reading Interventionist

Karen Stallard | Reading Interventionist

My Email: karen.stallard@washk12.org

Annette Graff : ESL/Kindergarten

Annette Graff | ESL/Kindergarten

My Email: annette.graff@washk12.org

Angel Harris : Reading Para

Angel Harris | Reading Para

My Email: angelyn.harris@washk12.org

Lora Kinder : Reading Para

Lora Kinder | Reading Para

My Email: lora.kinder@washk12.org

Bert Milroy : Reading Para

Bert Milroy | Reading Para

My Email: bert.milroy@washk12.org

Mandy Stubbs : Reading Para

Mandy Stubbs | Reading Para

My Email: mandy.stubbs@washk12.org

Jo Swenson : Reading Para

Jo Swenson | Reading Para

My Email: jo.swenson@washk12.org

Carmelita Mossinger : ESL Para

Carmelita Mossinger | ESL Para

My Email: carmelita.mossinger@washk12.org

Amanda Woodruff : Reading Para

Amanda Woodruff | Reading Para

My Email: amanda.woodruff@washk12.org

Gayle Lytle : Reading Para

Gayle Lytle | Reading Para

My Email: gayle.lytle@washk12.org

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